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Motivational Key-Note Speaker Rich Phillips is a Great Choice to Motivate San Diego Business People

Throughout his career Business Coach Rich Phillips has focused on improving the quality of life of those around him.  From his days as a trainer of killer whales for Sea World, Inc in San Diego, and throughout his 20 plus years of management in banking, finance, and real estate, he has acquired the discipline, leadership, and focus required to successfully compete in business.  This is evident in his business coaching style. Sometimes being in business for yourself takes motivation. This is because you are your own boss and that person who used to motivate you (your boss) is no longer there. A business coach like Rich Phillips is the person who holds you accountable to help you  reach your goals while still achieving your dream of being your own boss. He possesses the skills needed through his intense training as a business coach and helps people see their fullest potential.

Great Mentor Programs

His mentor programs are a series of customized programs in the San Diego area that will show you how to develop a laser sharp focus.  His programs will teach your team how to dedicate the time required to achieve measurable results as well as how to achieve those results. Click here for a list of topics he can provide.   

Top Leadership Speakers Help With Motivation

Sometimes you need the help top leadership speakers can provide.  Rich is a dynamic speaker with a wealth of unique experiences to share.  His extensive experience in coaching business leaders from a wide range of industries ensures he has the specific knowledge and expertise to help your business and your team.

Purchasing any of Coach Rich Phillips mentor programs gives you discounted access to valuable MAD workshops.  As one of the country's top inspirational speakers, Rich will teach you management and ownership techniques that you can use to motivate and inspire your people.

Where To Hire Key-Note Speakers in San Diego

If you are wondering where you can hire speakers to help motivate your team and work with you to overcome the challenges you’re facing, look no further than Rich Phillips.  His exceptional business, team building and leadership skills have earned him many accolades over the years. These skills, coupled with his diverse background, provide him with all the necessary experience and training to help you overcome your challenges. Contact us now to check our availability.