San Diego's 4 Hour Recruiting System

“Four Hour Format” Hiring System Course

This may be a new way of recruiting for your San Diego company. Remember this: if you don’t change the system or process of hiring that you’ve been using thus far, then you’ll simply get more of what you’ve already got. Here’s a proven recruiting and induction system based on the following principles:

  1. Attract a large pool of applicants and you’re more likely to get the right person.
  2. Implement multiple levels of screening and you’ll waste less time in lengthy interviews with under-qualified candidates.
  3. Observe a short list of applicants perform the essentials of the position in real time and you’re less likely to be surprised on their first day.
  4. Assess your short list of applicants to make sure that you’re making an appropriate match.

Here’s the 4 Hours Format in detail:

  1. Hour #1: Generate leads for position
    1. Develop job description and/or ad
    2. Identify (10 to 20) agencies
    3. Complete their contract if required
    4. Call back the day after JD is faxed to ask for resumes
  1. Hour #2: Phone screening of leads
    1. Set up a dedicated voice mail box for phone screening.
    2. Complete voice mail script for voice mail box and record
    3. Complete Job description and ad that sends leads to dedicated voice mail box message
    4. Listen to responses and call to request resumes from good candidates
    5. Qualify candidates by comparing resumes to job description
    6. Develop a short list of candidates
    7. Have the short list of candidates fill out application forms (optional)
  1. Hour #3: On-site screening of leads (test drive)
    1. Arrange group or individual on-site screening
    2. Design on-site screening (test drive)
    3. De-brief on-site screening (test drive) with candidates
    4. Include existing team members in review of candidate performance
    5. Develop short list of candidates (2 to 4)
  1. Hour #4: Final interview and hire
    1. Interview short list
    2. Open-ended vs. close-ended: “what have you… how have you…”
    3. Develop questions to uncover actual past experience pertaining to skill set and tasks required for position
    4. Use same set of questions for all interviewees
    5. Rate the response of interviewee on each question as 1 through 5, record comments
    6. Rank short list according to preference
    7. Check references on top choice
    8. Complete an HR assessment on top choice (DISC)
    9. Negotiate salary and make offer
    10. Complete hiring agreement/contract